You can feel a rush playing slot machines. When the reels turn and the lever pulls the lever, you may find that the combination you are looking for is almost certain to win you big prizes or the jackpot. You may be anxious to see the last reel stop on an icon. This can cause your heart rate to race as you wait for it.

You will feel your excitement rise to feverish levels when you see the same icon on two of the three reels. Imagine this excitement amplified by a fourth reel, which can multiply your winnings with multipliers. This is exactly what the Bonus Frenzy slot machine does.

You don’t have to get three identical icons on the payline for a Bonus Frenzy slot machine. You may win more than the payout you are supposed to receive on the machine by playing this type of machine. These machines show how much you can win. This includes multiplying times ten to five to double what you are expected to win on the paytable. For example, if you win 500 coins with a particular combination, and get a multiplier of times five on the fourth reel in the Bonus Frenzy slot machine, you will get 2500 coins instead the 500 you were supposed to get from your reel combination.

Many people enjoy playing the Bonus Frenzy Slot machines when they visit a casino because of the possibility of winning more money than what is shown on the paytable. People play these machines because they know that the multiplier increases the amount of coins they can win. They win if they get three identical icons on the reels, and the fourth one doesn’t have multipliers when it stops. They win huge if it has a multiplier. This is a win-win situation, which people find very appealing.

This could be why Bonus Frenzy is one of casinos’ most popular slot machines. It is much easier to win on a machine with three reels than on one with four. While it does have reels, the fourth reel does not affect your winning combination. However, it can be used as a bonus reel to increase your winnings. While the possibility of winning 1,000 coins by combining three Blazing Sevens on Bonus Frenzy is appealing to some, imagine how it would feel if the jackpot prize was multiplied ten-fold with the X10 multiplier located on the fourth reel. This is why this machine is a favorite among slot machine players all over the world and makes it worth playing.