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Seinfeld Slot Machine

Immensely few sitcoms have enjoyed the same success and critical acclaim as Seinfeld. The show aired from 1989 to 1998 and featured comedian Jerry Seinfeld. He played a fictionalized version of living in New York City. Many of the most memorable moments from the series are well-known even to those who have never seen an episode. Elaine Benes, Cosmo Kramer, George Costanza, and Cosmo Kramer have all become household names.

At G2E 2017, Scientific Games and WMS presented their Seinfeld slot machine. This machine features clips, characters, references to Seinfeld, and innovative technology. It also has plenty of surprises for slot veterans. The series was a natural target of slot machine manufacturers, and it was only a matter of time before it appeared in casinos.

A Slot about Nothing

Scientific Games’ Gamescape cabinet features the Seinfeld slot machine. It can display four sets of video slots reels simultaneously and has a widescreen view. There are many features available, but the core gameplay is the same: players match the reels with five-reel areas that are themed after different characters.

This means you will see everything, from Elaine’s Urban Sombrero to Jerry’s beloved black-and-white cookie. In the George section, you will see an overloaded wallet, while Kramer’s reels contain many coffee table books about coffee tables that can be turned into coffee tables. This great touch shows how the designers thought about how to appeal to true fans, who will remember every detail of the series.

The main characters can offer additional random bonuses throughout the game, which is not surprising. Jerry, for example, can sprinkle the reels with many wilds, while George can add multipliers that can be applied across the entire game.

There are plenty of winnings, but you need soup for yourself. You’ll find more thematic entertainment when you reach the bonus rounds on the machine. The bonus rounds are based on Seinfeld’s history and will take you back to the most memorable moments and events.

The Festivus round is the first. Here players can participate in feats of strength before being taken to the mechanical wheel (highlighted with the screaming image Frank Costanza), where they could win up to 1,000 times their spin bet.

The famous Soup Nazi is also a must-see. In a unique feature, he’ll be back. You’ll enjoy his soups as they come down the line. The chef calls them out from the main screen. You may occasionally have the opportunity to win more on a wheel game unless you land on “No Soup for You!” which will end the bonus round immediately.

Motion gesture technology is also used in the game, which allows players to interact with the machine. In the Festivus, players are required to shake the Festivus pole to go to the wheel. However, this can be skipped if desired. You have even more chances to win with the game’s support for large, networked progressive jackpots.

Serenity Now

The Seinfeld slot machine will be available on casino floors by early 2017. It is one of our top picks from G2E 2016. Seinfeld is a beloved television series. The developers have done an incredible job of capturing all the characters and humor that made it such a hit. Even if you don’t like slots, every Seinfeld fan will love this machine.