It was my Christmas vacations so I was going to Las Vegas with my friend named jerry. He was a very big addicted person of the pokies online games. And we all know that the Las Vegas it is the place for all the gamblers or I can say it is best place for gambling and all stuff. If you want to play more and more night and day then you should go there. So we went there for spending our vacations with all these gaming and betting machines.

When we reached there I was amazed after seeing the lots of casinos, one after one all over the street. There were too many landbased club houses to choose where to go. So we chose one of them and entered inside it. There was too many people were playing with different slot machines so my friend went on baccarat and started betting on numbers. I was thinking I should go which one. Then I found on one many people playing and waiting for their turn too. So I bought some chips from the cash counter and waiting for my turn on that one which was the some chief fortune slot machine game.

When I played I came to know that the theme of this one is based on the ancient American which was belonging to the 18th and 19th century. That was quite impressive and wonderful one. I insert the coin in it and pulled the lever and in the first time I won that chance. I really enjoyed it after that I downloaded that one on my phone and played online. The best experience of with this game.