One of the most celebrated form of the 21 game, Classic Blackjack is the old-style form of the game. Sometimes referred to as just Blackjack, all types of casinos offer it, both physical ones and the virtual ones. As compared to other more complex card games such as baccarat or poker, this is easier to learn, not as easier as vegas slots but with some basic knowledge, you can have a great time playing blackjack.

Playing Classic Blackjack:

Six deck of cards are needed for playing Classic Blackjack and to start a round, player places a bet anywhere from NZD1 to NZD500. The cards are shuffled at the end of each round and the number of hands (one, two or three) you want to play can be started by clicking on the 3 circles on the screen. When the cards are distributed, one card is facing upward and one downwards for the Dealer whereas for each hand you are playing, you will have two cards, both facing upwards. Different card have differing values and the sum of the values will be displayed next to each hand. The values of the cards vary from one to eleven with the number cards equal to the number on them and 10 points each for Kings, Jacks and Queen. With Aces, you can score anywhere from one to eleven as they can be swapped. To come with the total for the round, you just need to sum up points of each hand by adding the cards values up. It does not matter what the color or suit of the card is. In order to win, all you need to do is to make sure your points do not go above 21 but it still needs to be greater than the dealer’s points.  In short there are two ways to win in Classic Blackjack; either score higher than the Dealer while remaining below 22 or get the dealer to go over 21 and make him bust. Irrespective of the type of win, the money you win will be the same. In case the round ends in a draw with both the Dealers and your score at the same level, your wager is reverted to you.

Winning Or Losing:

In order to be a winner in this game, the players score needs to be less than 22 at all times but still be more than the final score of the Dealer. Or by staying below 22, the player can make the dealer bust as the Dealers score go over 21. To score a Blackjack, you need to land  either an ace along with any of the other cards with ten value during the first draw. If the Dealer does not have a Blackjack, the payout on it for the player is three to two. A draw is called a push and happens when both the Player and Dealer land a Blackjack on the same hand. Payout is one to one after a split for points of 21.

Tips For Classic Blackjack:

The internet is full of tactic tips charts for Classic Blackjack and you need to learn them.  Make sure that the strategy you are going to adopt it for the same number of decks and follows the exact rules as the game you will be playing. To help you get started, there are 5 handy tips to be remembered at all times. As you develop your game, you will come up with your own strategies. Every time you have 17 points in a hard hand (no eleven point Ace in the hands), standing is your best strategy except in cases when Ace is the card facing upward for the Dealer. In these instances, try to surrender, if not an option, only then stand. Chances of the Dealer going bust are higher when the up card for the Dealer is anywhere from two to six. If your score is already 13 or more, you should always stand. You win even when the Dealer goes bust. Chances of your landing a perfect 21 by doubling when you have a score of 11 or even 10 are higher. However do not double if an Ace or 10 is the upcard for the Dealer. It is always better to hit in such cases. If you land twos of 8’s or Aces, you should always split with the exception of Dealer with an Ace upcard. Go for surrender if possible; if not then opt for split. You should stay clear of Insurance bets as the payout is 2-to-1 and two thirds of the time dealer does not have a Blackjack. Insurance bets are taken by professional players when they know for sure that the remaining cards still have many tens, which can only happen if they have been counting. 10s should not be split as the chances of your winning are higher with a twenty score. Whereas splitting it opens the possibility of low scoring hands. Now that you have the basic tricks down, it is time to try your hand on the real deal.  You can play it on the Practice Play mode to further hone your strategy and later on you can move on to the Real Play mode of Classic Blackjack where the wins is actual money. If you want to become an expert at Classic Blackjack, keep going through the plethora of strategy blogs we have on our website.

Winning At Classic Blackjack:

When a player scores a Blackjack, the payout odds for it in Blackjack are 3-to-2 against the initial wager. Not only does the player gets the initial betting amount back, they also get 1.5X the original wager money. Without a Blackjack in the hand, if the player manages to top the score of the Dealer and not go over 21, the payout is 1-to-1. Players gets the initial betting amount plus the one times the original bet value so the bet is doubled in this case.  Another way for the player to win is by the Dealer busting when their hand total score goes over 21. The payout in this is the same as the original one. In an event of a Push, when scores are level for the player and the dealer, original amount of the wager is returned back to the player.


There is a charm about going the traditional way, no matter how much new advances are made. Classic Blackjack has been through the test of time and is still one of the most loved online games of all times. You can also enjoy this classic Blackjack game at the Betway Casinos where there is no strange innovation in the rules or number of decks. Help is just around the corner with the strategy articles on Classic Blackjack in case you get stuck.

Journeying into the Realm of Classic Blackjack: A Tapestry of Tactics and Tenacity

Unquestionably timeless, Classic Blackjack weaves a riveting tale of skill, fortune, and strategy. This time-honored variant of the celebrated 21-game flaunts its allure with the elegant simplicity of its rules, inviting an immersion into its captivating gameplay. An intriguing contrast to its more enigmatic counterparts, such as baccarat or poker, Classic Blackjack proposes a less daunting challenge. Yet, it doesn’t shy away from engaging players, rookies and veterans alike, in a riveting dance of strategy.

The quest in Classic Blackjack is intriguingly bifurcated. Players either strive to surpass the dealer’s score without treading beyond the precipice of 21 or tactically maneuver to prompt the dealer into a bust, catapulting their score past 21. This duality infuses the gameplay with a kaleidoscopic fluidity, encouraging players to devise strategies dictated by their hand’s strength and the revealing clue of the dealer’s upturned card.

In its infinite wisdom, the game assigns values to cards ranging from one to eleven. With their regal visage, every King, Queen, and Jack carries the weight of ten points. The numbered cards, unassuming yet vital, equal their face value. Aces, the chameleons of the deck, can oscillate between one and eleven points, their value dynamically tailoring itself to the player’s tactical vision and the composition of their hand.

Emerging victorious in the arena of Classic Blackjack demands a deft balance between audacious risk-taking and disciplined restraint. Seizing a ‘Blackjack,’ that enviable ensemble of an Ace and a ten-point card, yields a handsome 3-to-2 payout. However, even if Lady Luck doesn’t bestow a Blackjack, surpassing the dealer’s score while steering clear of the dangerous 21 still promises to double your initial bet, reflecting a 1-to-1 payout. A ‘push,’ that intriguing deadlock where both player and dealer unveil a Blackjack, ensures a return of the player’s wager, cushioning any loss.

Mastering Classic Blackjack necessitates an unwavering dedication to strategy. A profound understanding of the game, enriched by a well-oiled, meticulously honed process, can dramatically elevate your winning prospects. Although many players embark on the quest to formulate personalized tactics, the digital realm burgeons with a wealth of strategic charts and invaluable tips, a guide for those taking their first steps into this world.

In the final reckoning, Classic Blackjack ingeniously melds straightforwardness with strategic depth, engendering an immersive journey for all players. Whether the beginner is tentatively exploring this world or the seasoned veteran is sharpening their mastered skills, this classic card game delivers an electrifying blend of thrill, reward, and the promise of strategic depth.